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Luxury in simplicity is the essence of the Elegance Himalaya Belt. It perfectly embodies the harmony between tradition, European style, and high-quality materials. From traditional craftsmanship techniques to minimalist design, this is what makes this belt unique.


A belt is more than just an accessory. It is a statement of your style and quality of life. Therefore, every Elegance Himalaya Belt is handcrafted by highly experienced artisans. They combine traditional techniques with modern precision to create a truly unique product.


Leather is the heart of the Elegance Himalaya Belt. We use chevre leather, which is known for its unique character. Chevre leather is soft and firm, making it the perfect choice for high-quality products. The smooth chevre leather is combined with natural buttero, which has become our product signature. The result is a belt that is not only beautiful but also durable.


European style has always been our source of inspiration. Elegance Himalaya Belt is no exception. Every element of its design reflects the luxury identified with Europe. Carefully selected colors, clean lines, and minimalist design are the hallmarks of this product. It is a belt that serves not only as a fastener but also as an undeniable style statement.


Despite having a touch of luxurious European style, the Elegance Himalaya Belt sticks to the principle of minimalism. Its simple design emphasizes clean aesthetics and practicality. You can proudly wear it on various occasions while maintaining an elegant appearance.


The belt's thickness, customized to suit your daily activities, is one of the features that makes the Elegance Himalaya Belt unique. It is a belt suitable for everyday activities, with a pad construction that gives a prominent feel to the center. It gives a formal look without compromising on comfort.


However, the exclusivity of the Elegance Himalaya Belt is not only seen in its materials and design. The buckle, made from a mix of silver, zinc alloy, and brass, adds an exclusive touch. Every time you put on this buckle, you will feel an unparalleled elegance.


The Elegance Himalaya Belt is more than just an accessory. It is the embodiment of beauty, luxury, and quality. It is an investment in a lifestyle of high quality and timeless style. Our products prove true luxury in simplicity, and the Elegance Himalaya Belt is concrete proof.

- Chevre Leather
- Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather for Lining

- Super fine linen thread from MeiSi

- Buckle made from a mix of silver, zinc alloy, and brass

- handstitched construction
- S.Y.H logo debossed
- "SYH GOODS" typograph debossed
- dimension 2,9 cm X depending size belt
- thickness 3 mm



Care Instructions

Basically, everyone wants patina on their leather goods. There are many ways to do this, but the natural way is the best way.

Leather is the same as our skin. It needs nutrition to maintain its quality. In this case, we advise you to use natural products that are somewhat safe for you and your leather goods, of course. Giving leather conditioners is not recommended too often. We suggest using a leather conditioner every 4-6 months.

The right leather conditioner will provide the nutrients your leather goods need. Before applying the leather conditioner, you should clean the surface of your leather goods so that it absorbs optimally. We recommend cleaning the surface of leather goods with natural ingredients, such as lemon juice. The trick, pour lemon juice into a cotton swab and then gently wipe it all over the surface of the leather goods. After it dries, then apply the leather conditioner.
To keep it from getting moldy, avoid storing your leather goods in a damp place.

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